Cell-Gate W450 Intercom – Installation Included


Advanced Telephone Entry w/Live Streaming Video

The Watchman W450 model is the latest advanced telephone entry system from Cellgate that also has live streaming video of visitors at the gate, directly to your smartphone.

Watchman W450 works on a cellular LTE network, thus telephone lines or internet access is not needed; this means it can be installed virtually anywhere there is a gate.

Works on Verizon and AT&T LTE cellular networks.

Cellgate is the ONLY cellular access control company whose products can work on Verizon; AT&T and Verizon are the two largest cellular LTE networks in the U.S.

Internet hardwired option.

Reduces ongoing monthly service cost, and if available, can take advantage of existing Ethernet wiring.

Monthly recurring service charge.

Allows ongoing utilization of the app, TrueCloud™ web portal and access control data transmissions via cellular or internet.



Gate/entry point can be controlled remotely from an app.

Ultimate convenience: control your gate/entry point from wherever you are.

Push notifications with photos on all access attempt to smartphone or email.

Better security, know instantly who came/went on a property, and when.

Open or close the gate remotely, set up a hold open period and take photos of gate area on demand –all from the app.

Better security, convenience.

Gate/door sensor notifies you if the gate has been left open longer than 3 minutes (prop open notification)

Better security, know instantly who came/went and when.

The app works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Works with the majority of smartphones.

Receive a live streaming video of visitors at the gate on your smartphone app.

Simultaneously see and speak to visitors.

Full voice call functionality from the gate.

Voice calls allow tenants to screen visitor prior to granting access.

Ability to auto-call up to 6 app contacts and 3 voice only numbers.

Increases the likelihood your visitor reaches someone upon visiting.

No app needed to receive voice-only calls from visitors at the gate.

Makes granting access simple.

Full numeric keypad – up to 500 local codes and 64,000 non-local codes.

Unique access codes can be provided to visitors on a long term, limited use window or temporary use basis, and can be set up by designated users in < 60 seconds via the TrueCloud™ web portal.

Includes one Wiegand 26-bit input.

Ideal for locations where these devices are utilized.

The built-in camera allows for live streaming video of visitors at the gate and captures still pictures when someone utilizes the keypad, calls to gain access, or can be taken on-demand via the Cellgate app.

Better security—video and/or photos allow tenants to visually confirm visitor identity.

Backlit LCD Display and keypad.

Allows for easy viewing at night or in low light environments.

Can be used with properties that provide RFID/proximity cards to tenants.

Pedestal mount or recessed mount options.

Aesthetics- select the option ideal for the install environment.

(Optional) Up to 3 add-on external cameras to capture multiple views of the access point.

Allows property management to capture visitor photos from a 2nd angle, to capture vehicle details, license plate info, etc.

(Optional) Integrates with Watchman WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel.

Ideal for commercial use expands entry point management at the gate to other access points on the property that may use fobs/card readers/RFID.

(Optional) Solar power kit is available.

Allows for use in environments where traditional electric power is n/a.