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Individuals Behind DMV Gates

Meet the individuals who bring expertise, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence to the world of custom gates and security solutions for residential, commercial, and government spaces.

Michael Peretz

Senior Project Manager

Email: michael@dmvgates.com

Michael is an Army Veteran (IDF), and holds a Bachelor Law Degree with Honors from the Open University of the United Kingdom.

His vast experience and background in understanding security protocols and a track record of delivering top-notch solutions for overseeing intelligent security systems goes across residential, commercial, and the government sectors.

His passion is truly remarkable as he oversees every aspect of a project, guaranteeing exceptional quality in service and custom tailor solutions. His commitment ensures that the final result consistently meets the highest standards of excellence.

His professional communication skills with clients are exemplary, leading his teams and everyone’s involve a commitment to ensuring project success.

Amidst his demanding schedule, Michael prioritizes quality moments with his family, balancing his professional duties and personal life. Committed to his well-being, he maintains a regular gym routine. He holds a profound love for architecture, design & history, seeking new knowledge, travels around the world to immerse himself in diverse cultures, savor local cuisines, and passionately learn new languages along the way.

Mastered Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Russian & French.

Andres Betancourt

Senior Project Manager

Email: andres@dmvgates.com

Andres is our American-French-Colombian Ambassador born in Colombia lived in France, allowing him to absorb and inspire the multi-cultural aspects of both worlds.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality environment leading multiple teams and managing various projects in various fields.

His exquisite taste and passion for design reflects in every project, with close attention to details, taking in consideration our clients wants and needs, ultimately bringing their visions to life.

Beyond being a visionary, Andres enjoys fine dining, traveling, hiking and most of all volunteering in his community helping those in need.

Mastered Languages: English, Spanish & French.

Resh Valencia

Asst. General Manager

Email: office@dmvgates.com

Resh represents the heart of our entire organization. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a specialization in Marketing, allowing her to bring knowledge and experience to her role. Inspired by her diverse world and vast cultural experience (Canada – Asia – USA), she leverages her proficiency to deliver exceptional management skills and their implementation from a first-world country perspective.

As the Assistant General Manager and the trusted right hand of the CEO, she approaches her responsibilities by providing professionalism. She oversees various departments, accounting, design, website, and administration teams, ensuring a team effort, the highest quality of service and always striving to exceed client’s services expectations.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Resh making happy memories with her family. She is an outdoor person who loves to play badminton, travel, running, skating, and exploring new experiences.

Mastered Languages: English & Tagalog

Kath Ambrosio

Accounting Manager

Email: accounting@dmvgates.com

If Jenny represents the beauty of our organization and Resh’s the heart, Kathleen most definitely represents the brain and strategy development of our company.


Kathleen is a proud Filipina CPA with a decade of experience in accounting, business development, budget allocation and business planning. Kath excels in overseeing financial operations with precision and strategic insight. She has always been passionate about supporting and growing our company, ever since day one, setting the cornerstone and foundations of our team growth which lead to sound financial decisions.

Although working behind the scenes, managing intricate financial details. Kath has a crucial and integral role, oversighting our clients accounts, assuring the integrity of the financial aspect and our business evolution.

When not crunching numbers, she spends her time and energy with her little one whom she and her husband adore. As a first-time mom, she has discovered a newfound companionship with coffee.

Mastered Languages: English

Desiree Grace

Head of Architectural Design

Email: design@dmvgates.com

Desiree represents the artistic spirit and creativity of our entire operation.

Inspired by numerous cultural ambience and trends working with our clients from all around the world (Europe – Asia – North America). She has over 13 years of diversified professional experience in design and construction, holding an architect  license and membership of the UAP.

As the Head of our Architectural Design Team, she collaborates with both of our project managers and clients, breathing life into their ideas and desires. Similarly to her name, Desiree is passionate about crafting the most inspirational ingenious detailed designs, drawings and 3D renderings, doing so for over a hundred projects and counting.

With that strong artfulness in place, She is also a perfume enthusiast and cultivates apple trees in pots which reflects her connection to nature and the outdoor elements.

Mastered Languages: English

Jenny Orlanies

Customer Service Manager

Email: service@dmvgates.com

Jenny represents the beauty in client management and customer service.


She has over a decade of experience as a Customer Service Representative, she boasts a consistent track record of her expertise and skills to engage clients through both phone and email. She is passionate about providing friendly and memorable experiences for our valued clients.

Her enthusiasm is reflected in every interaction as she communicates with clients, consistently with warmth and positivity, which makes her the go-to person whenever a client reaches out. Her commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that her name remains synonymous with top-tier assistance in the minds of our clients.

Beyond her professional commitments, she finds immense joy in the company of her dogs, treasuring the moments of solace and happiness derived from their companionship.

Mastered Languages: English & Tagalog

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