DMV Gates & Security Solutions provides Heavy Duty Swing Gates that can significantly enhance the security of government facilities in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area. Our experienced technicians offer professional gate installations that offer reliable access security and property protection. Our Heavy Duty Swing Gates are designed with the highest industry standards using robust materials and advanced technology for maximum protection and safety. We understand the importance of providing secure access to government facilities and are committed to delivering the highest quality security solutions.

Key Features


Robust Security Solutions

Our Heavy Duty Swing Gates are designed for government facilities, offering a powerful deterrent against unauthorized access. With sturdy construction, these gates provide a reliable defense for government compounds.

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Customizable Configurations

Recognizing the unique security needs of government installations, we offer customizable gate configurations. Tailor the Heavy Duty Swing Gate to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal protection for sensitive areas.


Automated Access Control

Our automatic gate system integrates cutting-edge technology for streamlined access control. With programmable features and advanced automation, these gates provide efficient security management for government facilities.

Benefits for Government Facilities

Government compounds demand a higher level of security, and our Heavy Duty Swing Gates deliver precisely that. The advantages include:

  • Enhanced Access Security: Protect sensitive information and areas with a robust access security system that deters unauthorized entry effectively.
  • Property Protection: Safeguard government assets and infrastructure with a Heavy Duty Swing Gate designed for durability and resilience against external threats.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailor security measures to fit the unique layout and requirements of government facilities, ensuring comprehensive protection.

DMV Gates & Security Solutions is your trusted partner in fortifying government facilities. Our Heavy Duty Swing Gates, coupled with advanced automatic gate systems, provide unparalleled access security and property protection. Contact us today to explore customizable security solutions for your government compound in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC.

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fantastic installation on an awesome gate

October 17, 2023

My contact from DMV gates was through google search. They were amazing from the start of the project, till the finished product. The communication through out the project was amazing. I was a little confused on the type of gate I wanted, and requested their advise, and ended up with a magnificent gate, that I love!!the process was explained detail by detail on every step, the communication was awesome, and once I decide on my next project, I will definitely use them again, thank you so much for the fantastic installation of this awesome gate

Bernard Moore

Got my gate an upgrade

October 5, 2022

Working with DMV is such a breeze. From design to execution to delivery. They were superb!

Pablo Sanchez

Immaculate work on my driveway gate

October 5, 2022

DMV did an amazing job on my driveway gate! The materials and they used are top notch.

Brooke Shields

Professional Team

October 5, 2022

Highest quality gates and a professional team!

John Smith

Great Service

March 23, 2020

Great service and they are professional


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