Dear Valued Customer,
You have recently placed an order with our company and we have shipped it with an LTL freight company. The product is well packaged, but due to the oversized dimensions of the product, there is a risk of damage. We ask the shipping companies to use extreme caution when handling the shipments, but the damage may still occur in transit. Please inspect the condition of the shipment for any damage and count the pieces. You are entitled to inspect the package if there is some evidence of exterior packaging damage.
The driver will ask you to sign paperwork upon delivery. If you see any damage PLEASE MAKE A NOTE ON THE BOL with the word “DAMAGED” before signing for the shipment. We can file a claim if the product is damaged and re-ship you a new one, or
compensate you for the cost of fixing the damage caused due to shipping.
Please note that there is only one driver assigned to deliver the freight. The customer is responsible for assisting the driver with unloading the crate if needed. Additional delivery service can be provided for an extra charge.
Please contact our Customer Service to process additional services if needed. Telephone: 888-425-5506
If the product is damaged and notations have been made on the delivery receipt, please do one of
the following:

  1. Keep the whole shipment and we will compensate for the cost of repair if needed, or we can replace the damaged unit for a new
    one if marked “DAMAGED”.
  2. Refuse just part of the shipment and keep the non-damaged items, then let us know about your decision. A new replacement will be re-shipped to you only if notations with the word “DAMAGED” have been made.
    Customer Service Specialists need 2-4 days after they have been informed about the damaged, lost, or wrong shipment to investigate the case, after which you will be updated with resolution. You may be asked to provide additional information to
    resolve the case quicker.
    If you accept the damaged package without any notation on the delivery receipt – DMV GATES IS NOT
    Please NOTE: When the shipment arrives, the shipping company will only provide you with a 30-minute window for unloading and inspecting the package. Each additional 15 minutes will be an extra charge, paid by the customer.
    Important: Customers MUST be available to receive the delivery. The LTL freight company will schedule a delivery time with the customer—if the customer is not present at that time, the freight company will have to store the product and a fee will incur.
    *If your order consists of multiple products such as additional accessories, those may be shipped separately.
    *In case of an address change or order cancellation while freight is in transit, the customer is responsible for the additional charge, which will be quoted by the freight department.
    *If the shipment is refused without one of the reasons listed above, the customer is responsible for shipping cost both ways.
    *We highly recommend that you do not schedule gate installations prior to receiving your gate due to possible shipment delays and/or damages.
    *Specific delivery areas may require an additional shipping cost, which will be paid by the customer.
    We appreciate your business and we hope you have the most positive experience with our products.